Cobra JoyRide is the world’s first intelligent car charger system for Android™ smartphones. This system simplifies using your phone in-car, minimizing distractions and stress while driving. JoyRide is designed to automatically personalize your smartphone settings every time you connect to the smart charger.


The Smart Charger

  • 2.1 Amp Rapid Charger
  • USB cable included with Micro USB connector for Android™ phones

The Button

Pushing a single button on the JoyRide smart charger can trigger several different customizable actions such as:

  • Launch and bounce between your favorite apps
  • Make one-touch, hands-free phone calls
  • Launch voice commands
  • Pause and play music

The Free App

The free JoyRide app communicates with the smart charger, opening up a new whole world of in-car convenience and driver personalization.

  • Automatically launch the apps you need most apps when driving, like GPS navigation or your favorite music player.
  • Create a list of apps t o bounce between at the press of a button
  • Change Bluetooth™ and WiFi settings when you are in or out of the car.
  • Send a customized auto reply to text messages or phone calls (e.g. “Sorry, can’t talk. I’m driving now…”)
  • Car Finder feature automatically remembers where you parked and gives you GPS walking directions back to your car. 
  • Customize the color and brightness of the JoyRide button to match your dashboard or your mood.