Do I have to launch the Cobra JoyRide app every time I drive?

You don¹t need to manually start the JoyRide App each time you drive. It will sense when the Cobra JoyRide smart charger has been connected and enter “driving mode” for the drive! The Cobra JoyRide App will run in the background. It will open apps, close apps and change phone settings to the whatever options you customized within the JoyRide App.

What does the Button do?

The Button allows you to control your Andriod phone without needing to touch the screen and look through the menus for various apps and settings. The Cobra JoyRide App allows you to customize what happens when you press the Button. For example, you can start an app, call work, call a contact, navigate back home, answer a call, activate voice commands, etc.

Does Cobra JoyRide automatically record my parking spot and can I turn that off?

The Cobra Joyride App requires you to turn on the feature. It will automatically save your parking spot every time after that but it requires turning the feature on for the first time in the On Disconnect menu.

Can I charge my smartphone without the app?

Yes, Cobra JoyRide will charge any Android phone with or without the free App.

Will the smart charger work with an iPad or DVD player?

Yes, the smart charger will work with any device that requires 5V USB power. This includes most personal electronics like phones, tablets, hot spots, Bluetooth headsets, GPS navigation, backup LiON batteries, etc.

Will the App work if I use a different charger?

No, the App requires the Cobra JoyRide smart charger. The charger contains special hardware and software that work together with the App. Most chargers are just plain dumb and definitely don't have the Cobra JoyRide Button!

Will the charger work with more than one Cobra JoyRide App?

Yes, multiple smart phones with the App can share the same charger – just not at the same time. For the Button to be responsive, the smart charger can only be connected to one App at a time.

Can I use a splitter with the smart charger?

You can use a USB hub or splitter to charge multiple devices, but you will lose the Cobra JoyRide functionality.

Will Cobra JoyRide interfere with my car's internal Bluetooth setup?

No, since Cobra JoyRide is not a Bluetooth device. It will not interfere with any Bluetooth settings hands free products you might use in the car, but JoyRide can turn off your phone's Bluetooth on and off, if you configure that feature in the "On Connect" or "On Disconnect" menus.

Where can I download the free Cobra JoyRide App?

Go to the Google Play store on your phone and search “Cobra JoyRide" or click here

Will the Cobra JoyRide App work on an iPhone?

No, not at this time.